Festival Summary

There are 2 types of ticket, an Admission ticket and a Masterclass ticket. A Masterclass ticket MUST be accompanied by an Admission ticket.


Masterclasses allow you to take a short break from the main festival and indulge yourself in a more focused tasting experience. Ran by experts in the field, each class will be held in a separate room and will consist of a small group of fellow festival goers, keeping things a little more personal and allowing you to enhance your whisky knowledge further.

Compare and Contrast

Run by Colin Dunn, the Brand Ambassador for Diageo, you will get to learn about 3 different Distilleries, each showcasing 2 different expressions, highlighting how the wood a whisky is matured in influences the final taste.

In this Masterclass you will get to try whiskies from:

  • Oban
  • Lagavulin
  • Dalwhinnie

A Taste of Asia

Asian whiskies have become not only accepted in recent years, but sought after by novices and collectors alike. Join whisky expert Stefanie Holt on a tour around Asias most interesting and influential distilleries and taste some single malts from Japan, Taiwan and India.