Tickets - Stoke-on-Trent Whisky Festival

Festival Summary

There are 2 types of ticket, an Admission ticket and a Masterclass ticket. A Masterclass ticket MUST be accompanied by an Admission ticket.


Masterclasses allow you to take a short break from the main festival and indulge yourself in a more focused tasting experience. Ran by experts in the field, each class will be held in a separate room and will consist of a small group of fellow festival goers, keeping things a little more personal and allowing you to enhance your whisky knowledge further.

Penderyn - Experience Single Malt The Welsh Way

Penderyn Distillery is still the only single malt whisky from Wales. The distillery has recently expanded and is now looking at building two new distilleries in Wales.

In this masterclass, Brand Ambassador David Cover will take you through 5 whiskies from their award winning range, including one 'Distillery Exclusive' Single Cask. He will also walk you through the whisky making process and explain what makes their whisky true Welsh gold.

Second Masterclass TBC